we do

We provide volunteers with high quality opportunities to support the city and region they love.

We support organisations, venues, and projects mainly in arts, culture, heritage across Hull and East Yorkshire with skilled and experienced trained volunteers.

We invest in volunteers, giving them the skills and confidence to get out there into their communities and share their infectious positivity and enthusiasm.

We improve access and bridge the gap between arts, culture and heritage and hard to reach communities in our region.

What’s your role as a HEY! Volunteer?

You represent all that is fantastic about Hull and East Yorkshire. You are proud ambassadors, making meaningful connections with people and their places, boosting pride in our region.

You are the friendly faces, the knowledgeable voices and the enthusiastic welcome.

Quite simply, you add a special kind of magic to everything you get involved in.

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Places and people we support

HEY! Volunteers support some really exciting venues, organisations and events in Hull & East Yorkshire with an arts, culture and heritage focus.

You can see our ‘scandalous’ blue-coated volunteers supporting a whole range of different activities, from pop-up art events and installations, outdoor festivals, mass participation, performing opportunities, community art projects and much more. And as the programme reaches further into East Yorkshire, we’ll be able to offer an even wider range of opportunities.

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