Supporting activities

Need an extra pair of hands?

If you have an arts, culture or heritage-based venue, event or organisation in Hull or East Yorkshire and would benefit from the support of volunteers, we could help!

Why work with volunteers?

Volunteers can add extra capacity to your activity, meaning you can work more efficiently, reach more people and create better experiences.

Volunteers can bring with them a huge wealth of skills, diversity and experience, helping enrich your activity and build better relationships with the community.

We believe that volunteers can add that extra sprinkling of magic to your event – they’re the icing on the cake!

How can we help?

HEY! Volunteering is an entirely free service that provides fully trained, vetted and uniformed volunteers for your activity. We take care of all volunteer communications, admin and scheduling of volunteer shifts, whilst offering advice and guidance on the best way to utilise and manage volunteers within your organisation / event / venue.

How does it work?

  1. Speak to one of our friendly team about your requirements around 6 weeks before your event / volunteering activity
  2. Fill out an online volunteer request form once your details have been finalised
  3. Your opportunities will be advertised to our volunteer cohort via our online booking system
  4. Shortly before the event, you will receive a register with the details of the volunteers who have signed up to support you.

Interested in being supported by HEY! Volunteering for your project or event? Contact the team on [email protected]