HEY! Brid

Supported by the Heritage Innovation Fund, we have introduced a new branch of the HEY! Volunteering family – say hello to HEY! Brid.

Launched in January 2024, HEY! Brid is a bespoke volunteering programme that supports arts, culture and heritage in Bridlington, whilst enjoying all the benefits of being part of the wider HEY! Volunteering initiative.

Expect to see the same ‘scandalous’ blue uniform (with accents of sunshine yellow!) spreading positivity across Bridlington.

Fancy getting involved?

Apply here

A bit about the Heritage Innovation Fund…

The Heritage Innovation Fund was introduced to build innovation capacity, allowing organisations to explore and test new ways of working to help tackle a heritage workforce challenge. Our focus is – you guessed it – volunteering. We want to explore how we can expand the benefits of HEY! Volunteering further across the East Yorkshire region, to help support heritage organisations and initiatives with trained and enthusiastic volunteers.

The Heritage Innovation Fund allows us to play a leading role in pioneering solutions to make the heritage workforce fit for the future.

Click here to download our report which explores the opportunities and barriers to coastal heritage volunteering.